Compact and adaptable fraction collectors for interfacing with any HPLC system


Gilson offers advanced solutions for fraction collection with a complete line of stand‑alone and software-controlled fraction collectors ranging from small footprint to large vessel capacity models.  The built-in, easy-to-use keypad makes setup and operation simple and capable of interfacing with any HPLC system or control the system through your PC with TRILUTION® LC Software.

Versatile collection options

Collect fractions by time, drop, or peak to suit all your LC applications.  Perform parallel collection from multiple channels, up to 10 collection windows.  An optional 3-way diverter valve allows for unwanted liquid to be diverted to a waste vessel.

Flexibility to meet your needs

Choose the compact FC 203B for small-capacity collection or the FC 204 for large volumes and capacities.

Easy to operate

Operate as stand-alone instruments with an easy-to-use keypad, or can be controlled through your PC via TRILUTION® LC Software.


FC Fraction Collectors



Flexible fraction collection

Choose the compact FC 203B for small-capacity collection or the FC 204 for large volumes and capacities. FC fraction collectors accept a wide variety of collection vessels, including microplates, microvials, and tubes.

Precise peak collection

In peak mode, collectors monitor a detector signal and identify peaks using either an adaptive-slope algorithm or a specified millivolt threshold.

Versatile collection options

Up to 10 programmable time windows can be added for collecting only what you want, while discarding the column’s void volume, peaks of no interest, and equilibration volumes. Multicolumn adapters are available for collecting up to 18 separate channels and an optional 3-way diverter valve prevents contamination of collected fractions.

Simple LC integration

Using contact signals, the FC Fraction Collectors can be connected to any HPLC system. Contact closure inputs are available to remotely start, advance, or stop — compatible with most HPLC systems.

Small footprint

The compact size of these FC Fraction Collectors fits in most fume hoods and biosafety cabinets.


FC 203B Fraction Collector

Compact and portable

The compact, lower capacity FC 203B collects samples based on time, drop, or peak, making it a choice for a range of LC applications.  The FC 203B accommodates a wide variety of collection vessels, including microplates, vials, and tubes and can be used with any HPLC system.

FC 204 Fraction Collector

Adaptable to many collection strategies

The FC 204 is a compact, large-bed fraction collector with a large capacity capable of handling up to 768 test tubes, vials, and up to eight shallow or deep well microplates.  Fractions can be collected by drop, peak, or time, and the collector can be used with any HPLC system.  A high flow model is also available for flow rates up to 200 mL/min.  With repetitive collection in the same set of tubes or in different tubes, the FC204 is ideal for LC purification works.  The optional Multicolumn adapter allows for collection from up to 18 separate channels.


FC 203BFC 204
Maximum flow rate 20 mL/min 200 mL/min
Sample rack capacity 14
Maximum fractions
96-well microplates


Multiple-column collection8 18
Maximum volume collection tubes 20 mL scintillation vials
(28 x 60 mm)
32 mL tubes
(18 x 180 mm)
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