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Nanodrop Systems

High-throughput, low-volume dispensing

Nanodrop II (8-channel) and Nanodrop Express (16-channel)

A complete high-throughput solution for low-volume, high-precision pipetting

Each system has interchangeable, fixed-tip heads (1 × 8 or 2 × 4 configurations for the Nanodrop II and 1 × 16 or 2 × 8 configurations for the Nanodrop Express) and comes with two plate positions that enable applications such as assay miniaturisation, DNA normalisation, method development, PCR and NGS reaction setup, or protein crystallography.

Fast, low volume, high-precision dispensing

Nanodrop technology aspirates and dispenses a broad range of liquids, including DMSO.  Nanodrop systems contain micro solenoid valves for fast, precise low-volume applications and mixing. 

Valve-free fluid path for outstanding reliability

This patented technology isolates the solenoid dispense actuators from the sample path to assure long life and easy, low-cost maintenance – even with regular use of difficult suspensions such as proteins, cells and YOx beads.

Easy to program and automate

Nanobuilder software system enables a wide range of applications and data manipulation.

Advantages of non-contact dispensing

Non-contact liquid handling relies on the combined use of rapidly actuated solenoid dispense valves, a controlled pressurised liquid source, and flow path control via hybrid valves.  The speed and energy of the fluid displacement enables the surface tension of the liquid to break as it leaves the orifice, eliminating the need for a touch-off.   The lack of a touch-off step in the dispense eliminates the variability issues associated with touching off.

An important added benefit of non-contact dispensing is speed — the non-contact technique allows the delivery nozzle to accurately deliver the droplet above the target well and rapidly move to the next well.  With the non-contact technique dispensing becomes independent of the substrate, eliminating many of the reproducibility problems associated with motion control.  Plate processing times fall dramatically.  Using non-contact dispensing it is possible to deliver to all wells of a 96 well plate in approximately 5 sec, 384 wells in approximately 7 sec, and 1536 wells in approximately 14 sec.

Mask Group 6@2x


Sample transfer and bulk reagent addition on the same platform

Nanodrop systems pipette up to 8 or 16 reagents simultaneously, possessing broad versatility for dispensing and mixing applications. This technology has exceptional dynamic range (nL – mL) and is fast, low-volume and precise.

Aspirate and dispense with individual channel volume control

Nanodrop systems are capable of dispensing a different volume into every well. Interchangeable fixed-tip heads allow for flexible dispense configuration.

Valve-free fluid path for outstanding reliability

Non-contact dispensing allows for simple cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, FEP, SS and sapphire wetted parts are compatible with commonly used solvents.

Supports a multitude of plate formats

  • 96-, 384- and 1536-well plates
  • Irregular and flat plates
  • Deep-well plates
  • Crystallography plates
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Nanodrop II

8-channel high-throughput, low-volume dispensing system

Nanodrop Express

16-channel ultra high-throughput,  low-volume dispensing system 


Nanodrop II and Nanodrop Express


Typical applications of the Nanodrop systems include:

General Applications

  • Assay miniaturisation
  • Serial dilution
  • Sample transfer
  • Bulk reagent addition

Molecular Biology

  • PCR template and cocktail additions
  • DNA normalisation
  • Cell plating


  • Protein crystallography screens
  • MALDI plate spotting


Nanodrop II Nanodrop Express
Number of channels 816
Dispense Time
(1536-well plate, 1 µL dispense)
< 17 sec < 8 sec
Dispense Range:
500 µL syringe
1000 µL syringe

0.1 - 80 µL
5 - 500 µL
5 - 1000 µL
Aspirate Range:
500 µL syringe
1000 µL syringe

0 - 500 µL
0 - 1000 µL
Dispense Precision 100 nL ≤ 10%
200 nL ≤ 7%
1 µL ≤ 5%
Residual Volume < 3 µL per channel
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