High-performance purification solutions


Get the accuracy and precision you need for trusted results with VERITY® purification systems.  Whether you isolate large or small molecules or need milligram to kilogram purifications, our VERITY systems offer you a wide array of components to build the perfect system to meet your specific needs.  All systems are easily controlled by intuitive software, letting you focus on the science.  Backed by Gilson’s long history in chromatography, you are reassured that VERITY solutions are built to last and will make your life in the lab easier.

Centrifugal partition chromatography (CPC) ​

Improved yield and zero sample loss at less cost with VERITY® CPC Systems

VERITY CPC Systems combine a PLC Purification System with a CPC system for high-level target compound purification.  This automated, cost-effective, liquid-liquid purification technique utilises reusable, silica-free chromatographic columns to streamline your workflow and allow you to quickly isolate specific molecules with high yields and purity.

All-in-one prep HPLC, Flash and CPC

All-in-one preparative HPLC, flash chromatography and CPC with PLC Purification Systems​

With the capability to purify compounds by preparative HPLC, CPC and flash chromatography on the same instrument, Gilson’s PLC Purification Systems simplify and streamline compound purification.  These customisable instruments are available in simple configurations for basic applications, but with a wide range of upgrade options to meet your lab’s demands.

Analytical to semi-preparative HPLC​

Get the accuracy and precision you need for trusted results with VERITY® HPLC Systems​

From small to large capacity and throughput, VERITY® HPLC Systems provide the answer for semi-preparative and preparative purifications.  All system configurations accommodate novel injection and fraction collection capabilities within a single platform, with multiple detection options.  The entire final system configuration is controlled by TRILUTION® LC software.

Gel permeation chromatography (GPC)

Improve column life and decrease downtime with

The VERITY GPC Cleanup System provides a post-extraction purification solution that removes high-molecular weight matrix interferences prior to GC, GC/MS, HPLC, or LC/MS.  Removal of these substances protects downstream chromatography columns and instrument, improves analytical accuracy, and lowers detection limits.  Two VERITY GPC Cleanup System configurations are available — with and without UV detector.

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