Solutions to accelerate the cell line development workflow through:

  • Highly efficient single-cell seeding
  • Quality imaging for unrivalled monoclonality assurance evidence and outgrowth monitoring
  • Ranking productivity through normalised titre measurements
  • Platform integration for seamless data management


Solentim provides streamlined workflows for the creation, isolation and characterisation of high value cells.  For over a decade, Solentim has enabled workflows, validated through Regulatory submission, in key cell therapy areas including cell line development, vaccines, stem cells and gene therapy.

Solentim’s enabling reagents and unparalleled domain expertise transform the speed and efficiency of clonally-derived Master Cell Bank development.  The unrivalled VIPS™ and Cell Metric®  instrument range work to provide high efficiency single cell seeding and to capture evidence and provide assurance of clonality.  The ICON™ system is the award winning new measure of productivity, by combining titre with cell number.  Integrated to work with Solentim’s technology platforms, STUDIUS™ manages and reports on CLD data, providing the entire journey of a cell from seeding to selection.


The Solentim ecosystem

Workflows for IND success

Assurance of clonality

Smarter workflows for monoclonality assurance

Solentim accelerates cell line workflow timelines from upstream development through scale-up to production of new biological therapies.  From vector design and host cell selection prior to transfection, single-cell cloning and colony outgrowth right through to the establishment of the Master Cell Bank, Solentim technologies provide the evidence for credible IND submissions.

Solentim’s platforms and reagents support the following CLD workflows:

  • Biotherapeutic, vaccine and exosome manufacture
  • hiPSCs for stem cell therapies
  • Viral vector manufacture for gene therapy
  • Cell engineering for drug discovery

Clone productivity measurements for smarter decision making

Solentim’s ICON is the world’s first benchtop system measuring normalised titre for the characterisation of high productivity clones.  Powered by STUDIUS, ICON automates rapid IgG quantification, viable cell density and cell counting, which enables measures of specific productivity for both the static and expansion stages.  Integrated to work with Solentim’s technology platforms, STUDIUS manages and reports on CLD data.  Tracking each cell’s journey, STUDIUS offers dynamic data sorting to streamline the selection of candidate clones with desirable traits.

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