Increase reproducibility and the pace of your experiments with this easy-to-use, affordable, automated liquid handling platform


PIPETMAX® is an automated pipetting solution for the efficient processing of high-throughput biological assays.  It will help you to improve on the accuracy, reproducibility, and consistency among all samples processed.  Unlike traditional automation platforms, PIPETMAX comes in a benchtop size that easily fits into any lab.

Consistency, accuracy, reproducibility

PIPETMAX, built upon PIPETMAN® technology, helps to reduce costly technical replicates and helps maximise reproducibility by eliminating inconsistencies due to common pipetting errors.  The automated system frees up time devoted to tedious pipetting jobs that improve lab productivity and lets you get to results faster.

A truly open system: use any reagent, any protocol

Configure and customise your run using any reagent and any protocol you want.  The hardware and software are built to be customisable.  Several pre-developed, validated protocols are available for download while custom protocols can be written to accommodate any workflow.


The small footprint lets it easily fit on a lab bench or under a fume hood.  At a weight just under 40 pounds, it’s easy to move to the location most suited for the assays at hand.





Upgrade to automation for reliable, accurate pipetting

Protect your important samples from procedural errors and maximise accuracy and precision with fully automated pipetting protocols and PIPETMAN technology.

Free yourself from tedious sample prep work

Let PIPETMAX prepare samples for you! Enjoy more freedom away from the bench and focus on what’s important — your next discovery.

Stay flexible - for now and for the future

Use any reagent, any kit and adapt your pipetting protocols to meet the unique needs of your research.

No more user variation

Free yourself from tedious pipetting jobs and free your results from inconsistencies due to pipetting errors.

Exchangeable heads, removable tray

Hardware can be customised to suit your methods and the pipette heads can be calibrated like a PIPETMAN.

A versatile open system

The hardware and software of PIPETMAX are customisable to fit the specific needs of the assay, allowing you to configure and customise runs to any reagent, kit, or protocol. With intelligent tip management, our pipette heads allow up to 8 tips to be used simultaneously. With a volume range from 1 µL to 1200 µL, PIPETMAX is an ideal solution for qPCR, NGS reactions and cell-based assays. Several pre-developed, validated protocols are available for download while custom protocols can be written to accommodate any workflow.



PIPETMAX stops you from being tied down by routine pipetting tasks and can run a multitude of different applications and protocols. Typical applications include:

General applications

  • 96 to 384 well assay miniaturisation
  • Serial dilution
  • Sample transfer
  • Bulk reagent addition
  • Pooling
  • Cherry Picking

Molecular biology

  • PCR template and cocktail additions
  • DNA normalisation
  • qPCR
  • NGS reactions
  • Cell-based assays


                  Performance Specifications
Pipette Head Options:
Single Channel
4 Channel
8 Channel

1000 µL
100 µL – 1200 µL
20 µL - 200 µL, 1 µL - 20 µL
Pipette Head Mounts 2 PIPETMAX pipetting heads
Bed Capacity 9 standard microplate positions
Labware compatibility Standard shallow- and deep-well microplates
Standard microcentrifuge tubes
Operational Air temperature 5 °C – 40 °C
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