Dissolution testing determines the release rate of an active pharmaceutical ingredient in tablet or capsule form as it dissolves into solution. Dissolution replicates the process of oral dosage formulations as they dissolve and are assimilated into the GI tract.

Dissolution testers

Precision dissolution testing with the Vision® G2 and CD14
dissolution testers

The Vision G2 Classic 6™ dissolution tester is a compact, rugged workhorse, precision engineered to ease the rigors of manual dissolution testing.  The Vision G2 Elite 8™ dissolution tester is a versatile performance machine, built with the highest quality components and engineering for automated dissolution testing.

The CD14 Comparative Dissolution with 14 vessels allows testing of two different drugs at once.  Teledyne Hanson’s Super Precision Vessel™ with its closer conformance to an ideal vessel shape provides more consistent vessel-to-vessel dissolution test results in USP Apparatus 2.

Autosampling and fraction collection

Seamless integration and precision sampling with AutoPlus
and AutoFill

Vision AutoPlus autosamplers are designed for seamless integration with Vision G2 Classic 6 and Vision G2 Elite 8 dissolution testers.  The Vision AutoPlus offers precision pump mechanics, all-inert syringes, valves, tubing, and fluidics, and a choice of 6 or 8 sampling channels in DissoScan™ (single-bath) or Maximizer™ (multi-bath) configurations.

The new CD AutoPlus, with equally precise mechanics and inert components, is designed for plug-and-play operation with 14-vessel CD14 Comparative Dissolution Testers.  With 10 mL syringes and a volume accuracy of ± 1%, the CD AutoPlus easily accommodates sampling intervals under 5 minutes.

The AutoFill is a precision fraction collector designed for seamless integration with the AutoPlus systems, saving space and providing a 360 degree view for visual monitoring of the collection process.  A choice of collection racks, vial trays and needle block kits accommodate Shimadzu or Agilent HPLC systems, or Waters Acquity UPLC systems.

Automatic media preparation

Automatic media preparation with the Media-Mate Plus system

The Media-Mate Plus is the perfect media-prep system for a busy dissolution lab that demands both speed and accuracy.  It delivers pre-heated, filtered, deaerated, and volumetrically dispensed media to 6 or 7 dissolution vessels simultaneously in less than five minutes.  Built on a unique ergonomic cart, the Media-Mate Plus offers maximum portability for easy servicing of many dissolution test stations.

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